Friday, March 25, 2016

Wastara And Sadifa Break Up + Wastara Reveals Why Her 2 Month Old Marriage Failed Miserably.. !

Actress Wastara Juma who got into marriage with Donge legislator Hon.Sadifa from Zanzibar has revealed why she and Sadifa have decided to part ways. Speaking with Globalpublishers Wastara says she didn't have happiness in her marriage since she started life with Sadifa....
" I never had happiness with Sadifa as my husband, he treated me badly, before marrying me, he promised to open big shops for me and other many things but he never fulfilled his promises" Wastara told GPL

"I know many people will be against me but I want happiness in my life. I very much regrets coming into this marriage but I advice my fellow women to think twice before getting married, there are lots of things there" said Wastara.

 On the other side Sadifa said that, he loved Wastara they way she was but he didn't like Wastara's behavior of talking about their marriage on media and instagram. He said he is still Wastara's husband.

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