Thursday, March 17, 2016

This Is Why Kanye West Paid Attention To Diamond And Approached Him At Los Angels Airport.

Recently Diamond Platnumz and Kanye West's photo went viral on the internet, the two met at the Los Angels airport. After Diamond posted the photo on his social media pages many thought he was the one who approached Kanye West  but it is opposite, Kanye is the one who paid attention to Diamond, he was attracted by Diamonds shoes so he asked him to picture them...

" when I was at Los Angels airport waiting to take our luggage  I heard someone asking...Can I take a photo of your shoes ?, since he bowed I did recognize him at first but when he stood up I was astonished he was brother Kanye West, I asked to take a photo with him first and other things to follow" Diamond told Planet Bongo on EA Radio

" Let's pray things to go well as we planned, good thing might happen between us" said the African superstar

Well, considering Diamond is also a fashion icon and Kanye West is also a fashion designer he might have been attracted by the shoes for new business idea of his fashion label.

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