Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lulu And Irene Uwoya Don't Talk, Her Tweets During Campaign Targeted Uwoya Not Wema Sepetu !

Reportedly actresses Irene Uwoya and Lulu Elizabeth Michael don't talk to each other, according to insiders the real reason is yet to be known. Whenever and wherever they meet at events and social functions they give cold shoulder to one another. An insider who happens to be close both to Lulu and Uwoya says that it has been a while but their rivalry got intense late last year during general election.
During the campaign of general election Lulu took to twitter to say being a member of parliament isn't about having cute face and hot shape,  many thought the tweet was for Wema Sepetu who was running for MP special seats, it created attention even in the media and Lulu was invited for interviews and she insisted she meant what she tweeted but she denied targeting Wema, Wema's fans calm down and the two kept being besties.

But the latest buzz is that, Lulu's real target for her tweets was Irene Uwoya who was also running for member of parliament for special seats in Tabora, although no one knew about it "They ignore each other, Uwoya and Lulu have been in a beef, I know them well, let me tell you, Last year during the campaign Lulu had tweets directed to Irene, she shaded her but people didn't know about it, Uwoya knew about it and got furious with Lulu but she didn't show it openly, I think they are hiding something, last week Lulu and Richie won Africa Magic awards, Uwoya posted Richie and congratulated him but did you see her congratulating Lulu ?, that is it " the insider told this blog

Well, we tried to reach Lulu and Uwoya for comments but we failed, However one famous actress when asked about the two she also said something showing Lulu and Uwoya have differences.

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