Saturday, February 27, 2016

No Miscarriage....Wema Sepetu Is Still Pregnant of Idris !

Some people still don't believe Wema Sepetu was pregnant of Idris before her alleged miscarriage while until now others believe she is still pregnant. Well...lately, a source who happens to be Wema's friend tells us she is still pregnant despite her recent drama of alleged miscarriage. The source which is also struggling in the showbiz says that Wema didn't tell her about the miscarriage and they didn't meet since the issue happened but they keep talking on phone everyday ....
"I haven't met her since the whole saga but we call one another every passing day, She is still pregnant I'm telling you and you can see she doesn't post her photos showing whole body, it was a fake drama , even what Idris posted on instagram was a poem from google and later on Wema too talked about miscarriage through poem" said the source

She further said "Look, even her close friends who are celebrities didn't post anything concerning the miscarriage although the issue was hot on social media  don't you see something cooked up just for publicity ?...Don't be fooled Wema and Idris will soon have their own reality TV show, this will be business for money making, thus for the program to catch viewers' attention, there should be dramas both real and fake"

Since the so called miscarriage Wema haven't been in TV interviews and never photographed with no baby bump a thing which has puzzled many people including her fans

Do you believe Wema is still pregnant or not pregnant at all...?

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