Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nay Wa Mitego Throws Shades To Pregnant Wema Sepetu.

Rapper Nay Wa Mitego has slammed many fellow celebrities in his new single Shika Adabu Yako, those are Ray, Snura, Shilole and Bongo Movies. But today we have come to know there are also Shetta, Ommy Dimpoz and Wema Sepetu thrown shades in the song which released today.
In the song Nay doubts Wema's pregnancy sayingit might not be true but a kick "Wema Sepetu are you truly pregnant or it is just seasonal kick, 9 months aren't many make sure it don't cost you" said Nay in the song

Wema Sepetu is yet to react however Team Wema are now furious with Nay by attacking their sweetheart.  

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