Friday, February 5, 2016

Batuli To Sue Ray Amidst Tajiri Mfupi's Controversy .

Batuli and Ray Vicent Kigosi are throwing shades to one another after Batuli revealed Ray conned her. The issue is like this, Ray is releasing his new movie Tajiri Mfupi at the end of this February, The film stars Batuli as a female lead and it was short in 2014 during the Holy month of Ramadan. However since that time Ray never paid Batuli her Tsh. 1.2 million for working in the movie despite signing contract.
According to Batuli she often reminded Ray about her payment but Ray chose to neglect her and earlier this week Ray started promoting the film so Batuli came out to spill the beans on instagram. And Speaking with Times Fm Batuli says he wants to sue Ray saying she is tired of him because it is not the first time to come into confrontation with Ray.

Batuli has already worked with RJ Company in more than three films but according to her she teamed up with the company smoothly in previous movies because it was Johari(co-founder) of RJ Company who supervised everything about the previous movies but this one it was Ray and things went kaput.

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