Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wastara's New Husband Is Mbunge.........But Their Marriage Is Already Gossip About !

Wastara got married to Sadifa Khamis Juma on Thursday, Sadifa is a member of Parliament for Donge constituency. Their married was a surprise especially to Wastara's fans. However since Wastara is a famous actress rumor mongers weren't left behind as soon after Wastara's wedding photos hit the social media her new marriage turned out to be a discussion. Some asking themselves when the two met and knew each other well before engagement and eventually marriage claiming late last year Wastara speaking to a newspaper said she will get married to Bond in 2016.

 Apparently when people heard about Wastara's new marriage they thought the groom is Bond !. They went far to say once the actress said she will never marry again citing the late Sajuki as her first and last real love, rumor mongers have conclusion the talented actress rushed into marriage to get happiness she was looking for !. .......But we think love has no formula...yes or nah ?

Congratz to Wastara.....

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