Monday, December 7, 2015

Lulu And Wema Sepetu Have Potential For Hollywood Career : Ernest Napoleon

Going Bongo star Ernest Napolean says that Lulu Elizabeth Michael and Wema Sepetu can do better in Hollywood if they get the chance and Good management. Speaking with Bongo5 Napoleane said that many criticize negatively Tanzanian actors and the movies but a movie can be bad because of technique or production aspects but acting is another issue.

"Tanzania has many great actors, some people pan Bongo Movies, that is not acting issue, that is another thing in production which cause a film to be poor and may be the film was made so quckly" said Napolean whose film Going Bongo was exclusively sold on iTune.

He also compared Lulu with Hollywood's Lindsay Lohan since both started acting and became popular since their childhood "Wema Sepetu has already charismatic talent, she is loved by many it is like Obama when she talks people give attention, Wema has that talent, adding with her acting talent and getting the right project"

On the other side, Going Bongo will be shown at Dar es salaam Century Cinemax from 11 this December

Ernest Napolen

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