Monday, November 9, 2015

I'M Going To Do Music Internationally Despite Winning Member Of Parliament Seat: Professor Jay

Legendary Tanzanian rapper Professor Jay won parliamentary seat through opposition(CHADEMA) about two weeks ago. But contrary to some who thought the Ndio Mzee and Zali La Mentali hit maker will leave music to give most of his time to politics especially for Mikumi people who elected him as their MP, Jay has opposite plans as he has come out to say that he will also continue with his music because it is the one which made him known by many including his voters.

 Jay said that he will make sure he fights for Mikumi people's development but on the other side he admitted there is a great chance now for him to do music internationally "I'm continuing doing my music and may be my music will be in the next international level this time, you may hear Tanzanians artists working with the likes of Eminenm and Jay Z, so I expect to do music to the next level because I believe the exposure I'm going to get fans should expect better things, I will open doors for Bongo Flava music , we are going to open new page for Tanzanians" Jay told East Africa 

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