Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Diamond Platnumz Reveals Zari Will Never Relocate To Tanzania, Here Is the Reason.

Diamond has admitted his baby Mama Zari The Boss Lady has no plans to relocated to Tanzania. Diamond said that Zari has lots of businesses in S.Africa and Uganda so it will be hard to her to live permanently in Tanzania and he can't force her to do so.
"To say Zari will shift permanently to Dar es salaam will be hard, but she will have enough time to be both in S.Africa, Tanzania and Uganda since she has different businesses in both countries, So asking her to relocated to Tanzania while she has business won't be easy and you don't know what will happen to her businesses and in the initial stages of your relationship doing things to hinder your partner's success will be meaningless" said the Nana and My No.1 hit maker

Apart from that, Zari has three sons from previous relationship with businessman Ivan Semwanga and and they live in S.Africa

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