Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kimenuka !...Wema Angry of Kajala After Gifting Zari Money On Tiffah's 40...Wema Asks Kajala To Remove Tattoo of Her Name.

News is that Wema Sepetu who is Diamond's ex girlfriend got angry when she saw a clip of her former best friend Kajala Masanja rewarding Zari money as a gift on 20th this September during Diamond and Zari's daughter Tiffah Dangote's 40 Maulid.
After the incident clips of Kajala rewarding Zari went viral on internet and Wema saw everything and was unhappy what Kajala did. And speaking with Globalpublishers Wema said "Even if we are in hostility, still there there was no reason for kajala to do that, it shows she did that just to hurt me, If  Kajala everyday says I'm her friend and she can't remove her tattoo of my name, she would have not done something like that, if it is so tell her to remove that tattoo of my name"

On the other side when Kajala asked about what Wema said she had this to say "I gifted Zari like other invitees, If Wema thinks it was not goood what I did it is none of my business, and If she can come to remove this tattoo let her do that, no problem"

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