Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jose Chameleone's Heart-Touching Message To Mr.Nice After Eating Poisoned Food.

Tanzanian legendary Bongo Fleva singer Mr.Nice ate poisoned food about two weeks ago and he was in a critical condition according to himself but he hide it until he recovered. Ugandan music star Jose Chameleone took to instagram and and this is what he wrote

"I am out of words how we love and live life unfairly.Doesn't matter our dooz and deeds. We live in a generation when fathers don't guide sons how to be Brave and great. It's only our mothers and Aunties that have kept presence in keeping the Woman Pride. Lucas Mkenda "MR NICE" I Love, Pray and believe that God will see you through. I have been informed By Bil the African the Blogger about your illness.I care, am soooooo disturbed by how you are.I ask Allah keep you alive As a Great African Son. 
Hold faith #FagiliaBongo
Leone Island Music Empire"

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