Monday, September 7, 2015

It Is Non of Your Business Even If I'm Older Than Moze Iyobo: Aunty Ezekiel Lashes Out At Critics

Actress Aunty Ezekiel is furious with people who keep discussing her love life with baby daddy Moze Iyobo. Speaking with Globalpublishers Aunty said she is annoyed by people who said she is older than Moze.
"Didn't we know we have age differences when approaching one another?, why people keep gossiping instead of doing important things? age is just a number to us, lets me ask you, have you ever seen a child impregnating a woman? The issue of being older than Moze hurts me a lot to be frank. but I will protect my relationship till the end" Aunty told Globalpublishers

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