Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Zari Responds To King Lawrenc And Ivan Over Her Daughter Tiffah Dangote's Daddy.

Since Zari gave birth there has been lots of dramas concerning her daughter's father, King Lawrenc who is Zari's in law to her former lover Ivan Semwanga has been attacking Zari and Diamond Platnumz tirelessly claiming the baby's daddy is Ivan not Diamond and he recently he said Tiffah Dangote is his daughter(King Lawrence), something which made people to believe King Lawrence is an attention seeker since initially he said Ivan is the Daddy of Tiffah and later on saying Tiffah is his child.

Zari responded to them saying ......

"Revenge is for the petty. A BO$$LADY knows that the misery a hater Ooops i mean confused admirer errr nope i really meant a fan in denial has to live with as they watch her happiness & success is enough punishment. Gotta give ma back to all that BS out there. #iStaySlaying coz people only dim a light that's too bright for them."

Zari and Ivan separated and she started dating Diamond Platnumz but it shows Ivan and King Lawrence haven't moved on while Zari and Diamond have been minding their on business.

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