Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wema Sepetu And Nuh Mziwanda's Beef Gets Serious !...Nuh Slams Wema Again.

Nuh Mziwanda and Wema Sepetu's beef is getting serious !....last week Wema Leaked the so called Nuh's voice note seducing Wema. The issue became talk of the town and soon Nuh denied it saying it was planned. Wema too said it was true she never cooked it. Nuh's girlfriend Shilole forgave him.

Today Nuh took to instagram to Slam Wema again saying she has bad intention to ruin his relationship with Shilole. Nuh also criticized Wema Sepetu's team being behind the issue. Nuh said that Wema wanted him to support her during her political campaign but he didn't so he thinks she is revenging. read what he said..........

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