Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nuh Mziwanda Denies Seducing Wema Says She Cooked It, Shilole Forgives Him.

Two days ago news broke Nuh Mziwanda seduced Wema Sepetu via phone and the audio hit the internet(read it here) but Nuh Mziwanda has denied it saying it was cooked to destroy his relationship with Shilole.
In an interview with Bongo5 Nuh said "that isn't my voice, people decided to do that to tarnish my image with my love, because when you listen at the end there is someone who mentions his/her name, they cooked it in the studio, I didn't expect such a thing" Nuh told Bongo5

"I take it easy and I think it is proviancialism(ushamba) and they are mentally unwell. if it is true  I did it she would have come to Shilole to explain what I did not publicizing it. and if it is true why she didn't mention other men who approach her and put it on internet?, it is Wema and her people who did all this, Shilole didn't understand it but when I put it in details she understood" added Nuh

On the other side, When Shilole asked about it she said she doesn't care if she made it and she has forgiven her man Nuh Mziwanda

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