Monday, August 17, 2015

Jokate Introduces Ali Kiba To Her Parents As a Fiance But They Rejected Him !

Buzz is that Ali Kiba has been rejected by Jokate's parents and relatives as her fiance. According to Globalpublishers the two top Tanzanian celebs attended Jokate's sister's wedding recently, Jokate introduced Kiba and later they went to her parents but they rejected him for various reasons.
one of them being their religious differences as Jokate is Christian and her parents being too religious while Ali Kiba is a muslim, another one being the so said celebrities marriage do not last longer.

When Kiba asked by a GPL paparazzi about the issue he looked like someone who didn't like the question and he denied having such plans with Jokate "When did you hear me talking about such a thing?, it is untrue...there is nothing like that" Said the Mwana and Cinderalla hitmaker.

Jokate on the other side was unreachable to give her comment.

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