Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm Tired of Being Exploited By Film Producers: Cassie Kabwita

"Some people have been asking me why I only do 2 films (1 local film and 1 international film ) every year?
Well it is not only Because I am a 5 STAR actress, but I am a very scarce brand too, that not every Joker producer can afford. I am not in competition with any actress because My eyes are set on greater projects while most actors are hungry for fame. They are cheated by greedy producers who don't want to pay them for the hard work, they tell them the more movies you do the more fame and attention you get not knowing they are cheapening their brand and making it useless.

Dear my fellow actors, if every producer on earth can afford you meaning you are as good as a rotten tomato and you need some serious help urgently. BA INZY BAKONDA PA VINTU VO OLA, VO NUNKA NAVYO. 
Great actors in history are not known for acting in a billion movies but they are known for one great movie. (Shaka Zulu,Sarafina, ....., name it)
Some Kambalanga producers call me difficult just because I have refuse to be exploited like most actors.

Producers and actresses need each other so why do the soul called producers think like they are doing actors a huge favor?
If a producer is doing an actor a favor then an actor is actually a messiah to a producer.
Producers please learn to respect actors, they put in a lot.
I m an actress and producer. I respect my cast when am producing and I expect the same if not then my friend you can futseki." said the gorgeous Zambian actress best known for movies including Vita Baridi and Mzee Wa Swaga

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