Thursday, August 20, 2015

Former Channel O Africa's Boss Lee Kasumba Praises Diamond Platnumz' Music Career.

Lee Kasumba is Ugandan and influential media personality in Africa who has worked as the head of Channel O Africa. Lee posted Diamond Platnumz' clip on her instagram when he performed in Songea during CCM's political rally. Lee praised Diamond's career and below is what she said.........

"Yesterday I watched a Tedx talk about letting people buy music as opposed to telling them too...It really got me thinking.The reality is sadly most artists are trying to "make people buy their music"...the people I'm referring to are the ones on Instagram,Twitter people that have fancy phones & pay cable, seemingly limitless data..This isn't inheritanly bad it's just that - those people form a small fraction of the market. Especially in Africa. 

Subtract from that at least 80% because real talk only 20% of that small fraction of the market those will actually pay for your music or shows or merchandise. Because the reality is they all feel famous too and just want a follow back, retweet, reply,repost- you get where I am going with this.

The real people that will actually keep you afloat;make you a superstar and buy your music,merchandise & concert tickets -they are out there & live beyond this social media exo system. ..In order to be a superstar you have to spread your reach beyond "the island or sandton "... It's the streets that will make you. I firmly believe that even in this "digital age" African music can only thrive if there is a bridge between digital media,traditional media & the streets...

diamondplatnumz is an example of this - He reaches all markets and goes everywhere...No wonder he gets a presidential welcome in his home country. He is a perfect example of balancing this formula... As an artist become "the people's president" don't be comfortable in your oval office and forget there is a whole world out there.. Just my thoughts"

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