Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Regret Breaking Up With McDonald: Johari

Actress Johari Blandina Chagula has revealed she regrets separating with Donald Mwakamele(McDonald) whom she was in love with about 10 years ago and he helped her to shift from TV series to movies. In a new interview with Globalpublishers Johari says that her love life since her separation with McDonald hasn't been so good. She revealed Donald loved her so much and she was respected.

The talented actress said that her current relationship is full of stress claiming the guy she is in a relationship with often cheats on her with other women

"You know love stresses I face lead me to think very far, my relationship with McDonald was one of the happiest , my current man hurts me in many things, he cheats on me with other women" said Johari

Despite all that the actress said that she is still in touch with McDonald as a normal friend but it is had to be in love with him again because he has a family.

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