Thursday, July 30, 2015

Baba Haji Celebrates After Wema Sepetu Failed To Win Ubunge, Here Is The Reason.

According to reports actor Haji Adam( Baba Haji) was so thrilled when he heard Wema Sepetu failed to win member of parliament for special seats in Singida. Apparently the two have been in hostility for quit a sometime now, it happened at Bilicanas Club in the past after Wema told Baba Haji he has bad smells.
So recently Baba Haji was in Zanzibar and when he heard what happened to Wema he satarted celebrating by dancing saying that your MP has failed to win Parliament seat something which made fellow actors to laugh loudly.
 "Have you seen the results? your MP was placed last, let me continue dancing" said Baba Haji while laughing out

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