Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Aunty Ezekiel And Wema Sepetu Don't Talk To One Another Anymore?, Read What Happened

Aunty Ezekiel and Wema Sepetu are not best friends anymore ! ....according to reports recently Wema and and Aunty were both at Snow Cream but they didn't greet one another everyone was minding her own business .
"No one could believe what happened there since many people know they are close friends, even greeting each other?" a source who witnessed told Globalpublishers

After finishing eating Ice cream Aunty and her friends left Wema with her friends. When Aunty asked about it she said "Everyone was there for her own issues, I don't see it as a beef, I have no comment about it"

It is also said that Wema Sepetu never visited Aunty since she gave birth.

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