Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Moze Iyobo Isn't Married Please Leave Us Alone To Do Our Things: Aunty Ezekiel

Actress Aunty Ezekiel is tired of her critics who say she and boyfriend Moze Iyobo don't match as a couple just because Moze is Diamond Platnumz' dancer and he isn't rich. In a interview with KIU newspaper Aunty said that she loves Moze deeply and she doesn't care whether he is rich or poor.

The actress added by saying that she is satisfied by Moze in everything that is why she decided to have a child with him. Aunty also disclosed Moze isn't married as some think but he has a baby with another woman so people should leave them alone instead of spying their lives.

"I didn't snatch someone's husband, Moze isn't married please leave us alone to do our things, I believe everything is going on, I'm raising my child with no problem and I don't want beef with anyone" said the actress

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