Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lol...Shilole Warns Ladies Who Want To Snatch Her Boyfriend Nuh Mziwanda After He Became Handsome !

Lol....Shilole has slammed some urban ladies who want to snatch her boyfriend Nuh Mziwanda. I think some of you have read news since last week a certain lady came out to say she is pregnant of Nuh Mziwanda, the lady also said that she was abused by Shilole after she discovered  she is pregnant of her boyfriend. Nuh himself said that lady was lying for cheap publicity.

Now through instagram Shilole said that ladies should be far from her boyfriend because he is now so handsome because of her(Shilole) so other ladies want to date him and not those days Nuh was struggling. Shilole posted the photo below and captioned.......

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