Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Irene Uwoya And Esha Buheti In a Cold War Over Ndikumana's Love, Uwoya Finds Esha's Messages !

Actresses Irene Uwoya and Esha Buheti are not giving warm shoulder to each other allegedly Esha Buheti is dating Rwandan footballer Hamad Ndikumana who is Irene Uwoya' baby daddy. According to our snitch Esha and Ndikumana have been communicating for a while now and Irene Uwoya saw Esha's messages to Ndikumana and some messages were hurtful to Uwoya.

About two weeks ago Uwoya threw sarcastic words to fellow female celeb on instagram to be away from fellow parent Ndikumana but no one knew it she is in cold war with Esha Buheti.

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