Saturday, May 16, 2015

Zari Doesn't Frighten Me In Anyway, Diamond Platnumz Too Doesn't Shock Me Anymore: Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu says that she doesn't love Diamond Platnumz anymore as she used to do, Wema said she event doesn't get shocked by anything from him. In a new interview with EFM the former Miss Tanzania said "no I don't like him, it has passed, I loved him, I loved him so much but it is no more, I don't get shocked at all" said Wema

" When I remember Diamond, it reminds me bad things mostly that is why I don't do it, we had good things together but somenone can do many good things and one bad thing which can destroy the good ones" added the actress

And when Wema asked about having competition with Zari in terms of fashion she said she doesn't get any pressure from Zari because everyone has her own fashion and style taste "Zari doesn't horrify me since she has her own taste, I have mine, she is Zari and I'm Wema, I got my own, I like to play along with anything and she got her own" concluded Wema

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