Friday, May 29, 2015

Zari And Diamond Platnumz Earn Millions Per Month From Zari's Pregnancy Shows.

These are what called opportunities and should be used well !......according to reports Zari and Diamond earns lots of money just for Zari's appearance at Diamond's shows because Zari is pregnant so fans come in great number to see her baby bump too. A source close to Diamond told Globalpublishers that many don't know that but Zari and Diamond themselves have been doing that since Zari too is a top celeb and is loved by many people.

It is like this, we all know Diamond is a crowd puller when it comes to his shows even before he started dating Zari late last year, but when promoters want Diamond to appear with Zari in shows Zari too should be paid well because fans increase in larger number when they hear Zari will be there too. So for example if Diamond is paid Ts.30 millions for a Tanzanian show the amount increase twice if a promoter wants Zari to be at the show and they do pay.

Example last weekend Diamond had a successful show in Mwanza but Zari didn't appear although she was in Mwanza too, she stayed at the hotel and no one knew about it even the organizers because they had no agreement with Zari to be at the event dubbed Jembeka Festival.

And when Globalpublishers paparazzi approached Diamond to explain about it he said it is true but they also ensure Zari's security, "When I'm going for a show firstly I ask promota if zari is needed to be there to, if YES the amount of money increase, I mean when I'm going with Zari there should be her expenses and payments too, Now when I post on my social media pages I will be at a certain show with Zari people increases at great number even if Zari won't be at the venue, Zari is used to things like these so she has no any problem because we ensure her security"

Now, things are like that, imagine about the princess to come.....her photos might be sold to media for exclusives show like those American and European stars.

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