Monday, May 25, 2015

Shilole Apologizes Live On TV Following Her Scandalous Dress To a Belgium's Show.

Recently Shilole's pics were trending on the internet following her scandalous dress to a Belgium show (read it here). Shilole's boobs got exposed while on stage although speaking with Clouds fm while in Belgium she said she had wardrobe malfunction. She is now already in Tanzania and she kneed down to  apologize live on TV during an interview.

"Tanzanians please pardon me for what happened because I'm not an angel, I'm human being. God forgive all who judged me negatively, but know that it was part of my job and it was accident like other accident, God bless you and I love all who love my music because helps me to pay school fees for my children, music is what helps me to dress well on your stages, may God bless you abundantly" said Shilole.

We have forgiven you Shilole as sometimes things  happen accidentally...........

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