Monday, May 11, 2015

Mama Zari Is Diamond's Big Fan Talks With Him Every Week On Phone While Mama Wema Rejected Him As Son In Law.

Mariam Sepetu who is Wema Sepetu's mother never accepted Diamond Platnumz a her son in law, worse still sometime ago she was quoted as saying she was praying hard for Diamond and Wema to break up something which later on happened.
But that is quite different from Mama Zari The Boss Lady who is very fond of Diamond as his son in law according to reports Swahiliworldplanet rceived from a reliable source from Uganda. Mama Zari recently flew from Uganda to Tanzania to attend her daughter and son in law's All White Party held at Mlimani City to prove she is in good terms with Diamond.

" Zari's mom is glad to have a grandchild from Zari and Diamond, she loves Diamond as son in law plus his music too, she believes Diamond knows how to fight for his family, her daughter(Zari) has been happy ever since she came into relationship with him, Diamond communicates with his mother in law almost every week" said the source

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