Thursday, May 28, 2015

Aunty Ezekiel's Daughter Doesn't Resemble Her Daddy Moze Iyobo In Any Way...?

Hot gossip is that Aunty Ezekiel's daughter doesn't look like her alleged father Moze Iyobo. Aunty gave birth last week and her child was named Cookie. But according to some of Aunty's close friends the baby doesn't look like Moze Iyobo because she is white while both Moze Iyobo and Aunty are black. Even before giving birth to her first child some rumor mongers kept saying Moze isn't the man behind the actress's pregnancy.

When Aunty approached by Globalpublishers to talk about the issue, Aunty was furious and she declined to give details even the surname of her child. Watch this space for more

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