Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wema Sepetu Names The Best Guy She Ever Dated.

Wema Sepetu has said that she hasn't re-united with her ex-flame Chalz Baba but she praised him as the best man she ever dated. Speaking with Clouds fm's U Heard Wema said that Chalz Baba didn't show any childish acts even after their break up contrary to other guys she dated.

Wema continued to say that it was noraml for lovers to be in misunderstanding and eventually break up as happened to them but after a sometime everyone moved on and they became noramal friends. The Tanzanian sweetheart added by saying that even when Chalz Baba got hitched she gave out her contribution and attended his wedding

"Chalz Baba was my best friend, I can say he was the only guy I dated with no childish manners , we had misunderstanding but we reached a point we started helping each other, he married I contributed and attended the wedding, I don't see any problem" said Wema

"Me and Chalz Baba loved each other, when it reached the time to break up we separated, we didn't talk to one another for a sometime initially but but at the end of the day after everyone started moving on we started talking to each other, not like other people when we come into differences they start a beef or we won't talk to each other" concluded Wema

Wema and Chalz Baba in 2010

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