Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wema Sepetu And Zari's Ex-Husband Ivan Are In Love, King Lawrence Prohibited By Ivan To Talk About Wema Sepetu.

Wema and Ivan
Last week we exclusively told you here that Wema Sepetu and Ommy Dimpoz are not dating as some think so after their romantic pics became the talk of town on social media, they went to S.Africa to shoot Ommy's new video . Now, we give you another exclusive hot gossip if not hot news, the same source who told us Wema and Dimpoz are not an item tells us that Wema and Ivan Semwinga who is Zari The Boss Lady's ex husband and very successful businessman based in S.Africa are in love and she insists they are in love and they love each other.

According to our snitch who is Wema's close friend, the two don't want their relationship to be open at this early stage for unknown reasons but also Wema's great popularity in Tanzania also contributed to this as media will constantly start talking and writing about them so people will think it is a revenge to Zari and Diamond Platnumz who are now deeply in love and expecting their first child together. "Wema and Ivan are in love, they truly love each other but they don't want it to be public currently I have no idea why that" said the source

The source went further to say that King Lawrence who is Ivan's close friend has been prohibited by Ivan not to post anything about Wema or attack her on the social media, and this happens to be true too since last week King Lawrence posted photos with Wema and Ivan in a night club in S.Africa but he soon deleted the photos and according to our source Wema contacted Ivan soon after she saw King Lawrence's photos with her on Instagram so Ivan told King Lawrence not to post anything about Wema and he agreed "also Ivan told King Lawrence not to post anything about Wema on Instagram, last week he posted photos with Wema when they were together in S.Africa but Wema was not happy about it so she soon told Ivan and Ivan asked his friend King Lawrence to delete those photos" the source told Swahiliworldplanet

                                        Ivan and King Lawrence

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