Saturday, February 14, 2015

OMG: You Can't Believe The Reasons Made Lady Jaydee Dump Gadner G. Habash.

Many want singer Lady Jaydee and Gadner G Habash to re-unite again after their break up few months ago but that seems to be impossible to Jaydee. 

This week the superstar singer gave chance to her fans to ask any question on her Instagram. So, fans asked why she broke up with Gadner who also used to be her manager and the possibility of being together again. Jaydee who has many hit songs replied by saying they will never be a couple again claiming she withstood many things for the last 10 years of her marriage with Gadner who is a a famous presenter. " read below.....

Fan: We hear you have separated with your husband(Gadner) is it true or not?

Jaydee: We didn't separate but it is me who dumped him

Fan: Why did you dump your husband?

Jaydee: I dumped him because in marriage you should understand each other, there should be happiness, peace and love but unfortunately those didn't happen in my marriage with Gadner, so I didn't want to pretend and continue living in pain just to satisfy the society.

Fan: Don't you think you have lost your respect by separating with your husband?

Jaydee: I don't think so, but I think I was more disrespecting myself by living with a husband who doesn't respect himself, a husband who is approaching and palming women's butts while I'm on stage singing, giving other ladies my cars to drive and destroying them when I'm not around let alone beating me and dating my restaurant employees.....I have the evidence....I once caught him palming them their thighs and he confessed it, he also used to beat and insult customers, in short it was a marriage of pains

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