Thursday, January 3, 2013


The fight between Shahrukh Khan & Salman Khan is quite popular in all over India and even outside. As both are the mega stars of Bollywood and world movies. on 17th July, 2008 both collided with each other angrily. It was Katrina Kaif's birthday party when this breaking news came out in the media. On many news channels we could see the fight news between both two stars. So many reasons came out regarding the fight. Few people said it was an ego clash, few reported it was related to TV show. This incident has little to do with seething anger within and more to do with the influence of alcohol!
REASONS-- (i) Salman was already ‘high’ by the time this started and probably SRK too had a few drinks. We all know how reckless Salman has been in the past. Salman asked SRK to do a guest role in Mr. and Mrs. Khanna, a home production of Salman and his brother(s). Salman obviously thought SRK would agree given how many times Salman has done guest roles for SRK–Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, OSO, SRK’s TV show etc. SRK declined and this pissed off Salman.
(ii) Salman began irritating SRK about how Dus Ka Dum is doing better than his Paanchi Paas. Salman continued to irritate SRK and then SRK decided to retort and did a joke on his ex-girlfriend, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This infuriated Salman. (iii) in one version Salman and SRK even spoke to about who will wrist their fist first and with what impact! Aishwarya Matter : Few sources say that SRK was talking again and again about Salman’s ex girlfriend Aishwarya Rai. It was irritating Salman Khan. That’s why the fight occurred between them.
TV Shows TRP : At that time both the stars were hosting TV shows. But Salman’s Dus ka Dum was getting much TRP then Shahrukh Khan’s TV show Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hai. According to few news channels, Salman started teasing SRK with this thing and they messed up due to it. High Alcohols : Both were in the same party, having high amount of Alcohols. Then it is obvious that a minor can also become the reason of a big fight between both of them. Besides, whatever the reason were there. I just want to say that it wasn’t a big issue. Media and people’s interest made it an extra-ordinary topic. Come on, is it the news material ? I don’t think so.(



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    1. thanx Msaeed ! continue readind it for more interesting news and gossip from stars across the globe

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